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Ladies Beware of “Up Your Skirt” Paparazzi

Friday, November 2, 2012

upskirt paparazziWhen was the last time you took a picture with an actual camera?  If you are like most people, your concept of a camera nowadays is pretty much your iPhone.  And with applications like Instagram, everyone’s photos can look like they were taken by a seasoned photographer.  However, the real question is, has the advent of the iPhone truly made us all real photographers or are we all simply crazed paparazzi ready to snap and shoot anything and everything that happens around us?  And then, once we have taken the picture, we quickly distribute it to the world through various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and of course let everyone know about it through Twitter. At what point do we go too far.

Well, with every new bit of technology come the freaks that find a way to go too far and use it for bad.  I am of course talking about these now popular “Up Your Skirt” paparazzi that troll local grocery stores, public transportation and escalators.  They hide in the shadows looking for unaware women in skirts that they can quickly walk by and either photograph or video under their skirt. Not cool dude. 

Case and point…just this past weekend a 32 year old Lincoln, Nebraska man was caught, by a plain clothed officer, snapping photos under a woman’s dress.  He took off running, but was eventually apprehended by police.

We aren’t sure if he was ever released on a bail bond, but he did eventually receive 90 days in jail for disturbing the peace and obstructing a police officer.  The ironic part is that the last name of the man was “Love”….something he definitely won’t be getting for at least 90 days…and probably much longer based on his less than appropriate approach to women and complete lack of respect.  Read the original story below.  

Original story:  Man gets jail time for holding phone under woman's dress