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Hot Dogs and Hookers...A Spicy Tale

Monday, May 7, 2012

hot dog hookerIf you have ever been to New York and walked the streets of Manhattan, you probably walked by a hot dog vendor.  If you are brave, you might have even tried a hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut. Or, if you happen to visit one particular hot dog vendor, you might have been offered much more than a hot dog (to be honest, at this point there are way too many "hot dog" jokes we could tell so we will just give it to you straight). A 45 year old woman was using her "hot dog" stand to pedal her wares to customers...and by wares, we mean her personal assets...and by personal assets we mean, you know...the oldest profession in the world. 

The interesting twist on the story is the woman was arrested for prostitution and her bail was set at $2000.  However her family wasn't ready to call a bail bondsman and get her out.  In fact, they felt a little "tough love" would do the woman some good.  Just for the record, this was the woman's second time being arrest for improperly handling a hot dog business...okay, we had to use one joke.  The original article is below.

Original article:  'Hot-dog hooker' stews in jail