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Honest Robber Returns Stolen Cash to Store

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

robberTalk about your not-so-typical case of “robber remorse.” This guy robbed a convenience store with a sharp stone as a weapon (what?!) but was quickly arrested when he felt so guilty he went back to the store to apologize hours later!

Carlos Reyes, 46, went to a Shop-N-Go convenience store twice last week. First, to rob it. Next? To bring the money back. You sure don’t hear about that happening very often!

He ended up taking off with about $200 of cash the first time around and was armed with nothing but a sharp stone. The clerk quickly called the cops and reported the robbery and police were able to release a surveillance photo of the suspect holding the weapon in front of the man behind the counter. They also recovered the sharp stone inside of the store.

The kicker is they were called back to the store hours later on a report of a suspicious person who looked very similar to the man who robbed him earlier in the day. He was right! It turned out to be Reyes!

He felt so bad about his actions that he went back to apologize and to return the money to the clerk, but instead, ended up being arrested by a police officer who quickly arrived on the scene. 

Reyes told the cops that he was extremely hungry, which was his motivation to rob the store earlier in the day, but his moral compass got the best of him and he wanted to return the money to the clerk... after he spent some time thinking about what he had done. 

When he returned, only a small portion of the money remained that he initially took and bail was set at $5,000.

He definitely surprised the police! “In 20 years, I haven’t seen that happen,” the cops said, “It definitely doesn’t fit the profile of a seasoned criminal.” We’ll see if his actions result in being given a little slack in court. 

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Original article:  Accused Manchester Robber Returns Stolen Cash, Turns Himself In

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