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Getting Baby Out: When Motherly Instincts go Bad

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

baby in jailIf your child ever got into trouble, how far would you go to help them out?  If they got arrested, would you go find a bail bondsman and get them a bail bond to get out?  Or if they were already in jail, would you go even farther and plot an intricate plan to help them escape?  Well, hold that thought because a Mount Vernon woman was just faced with that situation and probably unlike most of us decided to take thinks into her own hands to try and save her baby boy from jail.  Unfortunately her plan wasn't very intricate and there wasn't any mission impossible music playing in the background while she as attempting the great escape.  Instead, she had a conversation with her son about the escape in a room that was being monitored by police.  The plan was that the mother would distract the police while the son crawled through the window.  So when the intense moment came and the inmate disappeared off the screen, police were quick to act, finding him hanging half way through the window.  The mother was ultimately charged with aiding in an escape and released on a $200 bail bond.

Written by Eric Granof

Original Article - Police: Maine mom helped son attempt jail escape.