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Falling Asleep at Work is Never Good…Especially if you are a Burglar

Friday, June 7, 2013

passed outHave you ever fallen asleep at work?  What about a head nod….you know the kind... where you are sitting there one second and then the next you are coming to your senses as your head falls downward and your neck snaps up to catch it.  You look around to make sure that no one has seen you.  It probably doesn’t matter if this has happened to you or not, we can all pretty much agree that falling asleep at work is never a good idea.  Whether you live Dallas, Texas or Sacramento, California, staying awake at work is always good.

If for some reason you did fall asleep (by accident of course), there are definitely some jobs that you could have that would be worse than others should you do so.  For example, jobs that involve sitting at a desk in an office, probably not the most dangerous place to nod off by accident (as long as you don’t smack your head on a sharp object on your desk).  On the other hand, jobs that involve driving or flying other people around in large buses or airplanes are probably not the best jobs to fall asleep at.   Another job that is not ideal for falling asleep is a burglar.  You are probably saying to yourself right now, “duh, of course you don’t want to fall asleep if you are a burglar.”  Well what is common sense to most is not always common sense for everyone. 

Earlier this week a man in England proved this concept pretty easily.  He recently broke into a bar to steal some cash from the register.  During the caper, he decided to take just one swig from the beer tap.  As you can imagine, one swig turned into 2 swigs which turned into another 50 swigs.  Eventually the man passed out, forgetting the most important part of any crime, the getaway.  He was eventually found by the owner and arrested and put in jail before his hangover wore off.  We aren’t sure if the man was released before his sentence since there is no commercial bail bond industry in the UK, but we are pretty sure that the man will probably think twice before drinking and sleeping on the job again.  Read the original story below.