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Facebook is a Cop's Best Friend

Thursday, June 14, 2012

copWhen will people learn?   When will people start using their common sense?  FACEBOOK IS NOT A PRIVATE MESSAGING NETWORK.  PEOPLE CAN SEE EVERYTHING YOU WRITE AND EVERY PICTURE YOU POST.  But no matter how many warnings you give people they will continue to say and do things on the very PUBLIC social network that has changed the way we all interact and communicate with each other.  And by the way, just because you finally figured out how to make your information private and only visible to your friends, don’t think that you are out of the woods…because even that information will get out there.  Why?  Well to answer that question, you have to first take a look at your friend list on your Facebook account.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?  Now let me ask the question another way….how many of those friends you have do you really even know?  Probably not as many as you would think, but then again, when someone asks to be your friend, who are you to say no.  The more the merrier, right?  So over the past few months, years, etc. we have all accepted any and every request we have received.  Why?  Because it means we are popular.  Who cares if you don’t know that really hot woman who has no information in her profile other than “lives in India” and “recently changed profile picture.”  She is friend number 2,354 and geez that is more than your friend Steve.
Well after reading this next story you probably won’t accept the next friend request that comes across your Facebook profile without thinking about it a little more about it.  Because everything you say and share with your friends can and will be shared…sometimes a little more than you would have ever imagined.

A New York City Police Officer had been working a yearlong case involving a bunch of burglaries in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood.  So thinking like a young criminal with no cares in the world other than bragging about themselves on social media sites, he turned to Facebook looking for some clues.  This officer sent friend requests to several members of a well-known gang and surprisingly enough, many of them accepted his request and bingo, bango he was in.  This police officer now not only had access to some sweet, off the hook party photos, but also got great information on where the next break in was going to be along with information on how the gang members split up the loot.  And of course, there were also the standard gangster music video type photos of them holding their weapons.

The police staked out the location and through the information that was shared on Facebook, nabbed 14 gang members.  So next time you commit a crime and decide to tell someone about it…think twice before you post your achievement on Facebook.  Next time, just pick up the phone and call or maybe just send a letter.  Check out the original article below.

Original article: 14 New York Gang Members Got Caught Red-Handed After Adding A Cop On Facebook