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Facebook, Bail Bonds and Bullies

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

bullyDid you know that 12% of the worldwide teenage population has experienced cyber bullying in their lives?  What about the fact that victims of cyber bullying are more than 2-9 times more likely to commit suicide?  These horrible statistics should be an eye opener to the world about the growing problem of cyber bullying.

Let’s admit it.  No one likes to be bullied.  Whether you are a second grader or an adult, being made fun of or being harassed is never a good thing.  With the growing access and influence of social media through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other, the ability to “cyber bully” someone has never been easier. Cyber-bullying in schools has become such a growing problem that it is now even affecting teachers. 

The good news is that the some public officials have decided to do something about it.    In a recent news story out of Guilford County, North Carolina, it was reported on today, the North Carolina Legislature has stepped up to put a stop to and criminalize the act of cyber bullying teachers.   This law will make it a Class Two Misdemeanor for students to intimidate or taunt their teachers online. We aren’t sure of the punishment and whether defendants arrested for violating the law will do any jail time or require a bail bond, but what we do know is that North Carolina appears to be taking a step in the right direction.  Read the original news story below as well as click on the image below to watch the video of the report.


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Original story: Lawmakers Pass Law To Criminalize Cyberbullying of Teachers