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Drunk Underage Student Arrested Over Fart-Spray Incident

Friday, April 22, 2016

fartYuck… just what everyone wants to smell while trying to enjoy a cold beverage at their local bar... stink bombs! What are we 12 again?

This happened recently in a bar in Athens, GA recently. Blake Zengo, 20, (yup! underage!) headed into a bar and released a bottle of foul-smelling fart spray... that would not go away! People complained and everyone around him quickly knew he was the culprit.

The cops were called over the seemingly harmless college prank and he was taken into police custody. 

Things weren’t as harmless as they originally seemed, though, once the real story got out! He sprayed a woman directly in the eye with his stinky spray and she immediately flushed out her eye and called the cops.

The officer on the scene probably didn’t know what to think when he got to the scene! Was it a joke? Deliberate? What was going on? Here is more directly from the police officer’s report:

“Contact was made with the suspect who was still standing in the patio area of the bar. I asked the male to tell me what took place; advising him that there was a complaint of him spraying people with Fart Spray.

The male stated that he did not know what was going on, and he did not spray anyone with anything. As I continued to speak with the male, I noticed that he was very inebriated and was slurring his speech. I could also smell a strong odor of some type of alcoholic beverage coming from his mouth.

I then asked the male to provide me with his ID. The male eventually pulled out his ID from his wallet, in which he was identified as being Blake Zengo. The date of birth showed that Blake was born on -1995, which makes him 20 years of age.  

I then asked Blake how he was able to get inside the bar with his ID. He then advised me again that he was not inside the bar. I knew that Blake was not being truthful because (name redacted) pointed him out as being the suspect who was inside the bar spraying people and he was also standing in the patio area of the bar.”

Unfortunately, this bar owner took the brunt of the prank, as all of his patrons didn’t stick around as the stench just got worse and worse. 

Zengo was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and underage possession or consumption of alcohol. He was booked into jail and released on a bond of $1,500 soon after his arrest.

Hopefully this little fart learned his lesson!

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Original article:  That stinks! Student arrested after using fart spray in Georgia bar

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