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Don’t Google In Court…You Might Go to Jail

Thursday, October 11, 2012

googledThe impact the internet and social media have had on people lives is immeasurable.  Having access to information whenever and wherever you want is pretty cool.  At the same time it can be pretty disruptive as well.  Just think back to your last vacation.  Did you really “unplug” and relax or did you still reach for your smart phone to check email whenever your wife went to the bathroom.   At the end of the day, what is supposed to be a relaxing time away from the office becomes much less than that.

Anyway, that is not the real point of this blog post…that is more of me complaining about my last vacation.  The real point of this blog focuses on the courtroom and our criminal justice system…what else would you expect from a blog on 

Earlier this year in Florida a judge was presiding over a murder case.  During jury selection, he specifically ordered prospective jurors (they even signed a document agreeing to do so) to not fo online and research the defendant in the case.  That is like a waiter telling me to not touch the plate because it is hot…really?  Like I am not going to touch it anyway…but I digress.  Of course one of the potential jurors did Google the defendant and shared his findings with the other potential jurors.  The judge caught wind of the Googling and had to dismiss the entire jury pool.  The prospective juror who was sold out by other jurors was told by the judge to expect jail time for his lack of compliance.  The man plans to apologize, but it might be too late.  He better start Googl'ing "bail bonds" so he is ready.  Read the original article below.

Original article:  Expect Jail Time, Judge Tells Prospective Juror Who Googled Murder Defendant, Flouting Written Order