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Don’t be a Jerk…It was Just a Twerk!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

twerk guideIn this bail bond blog we have covered many different topics.  From bail bondsman doing unexpected things in their community to people getting arrested for different stupid things, we have tried to keep it fresh and interesting.  Today’s story is about a topic that we have covered before, but just not in this way.  That topic….twerking.

This past week in of all places, Beaverton, Oregon…hold on a second…too many jokes…ok, that is better.  Three girls were arrested for twerking outside a courtroom.  You are probably saying to yourself, what is so bad about that?  Well it only gets bad if you do take your twerk to the next level and show a little…you know…genitals.  Well, unfortunately that is where this threeway twerk went bad and now these dancing fools are cooling there jets in jail.  Okay, we left out a couple important facts…when the cops pulled them over after the twerk and run, they found cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana. OUCH!  Also, according to authorities one of the girls urinated in the parking lot.  And yes, the girls did film the twerking on their phone.

So next time you want to twerk and expose yourself in front of a courthouse, remember to take all the drugs out of your vehicle, because you never know who might be watching.  Watch the video report below.

Original news video



Posted by: Eric Granof

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