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‘Creeper Ghost’ Stands Above Sleeping Couple

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

creeper ghostThis may be the most disturbing home robbery we’ve seen in quite awhile! A home surveillance camera captured an intruder in a Chicago home. But instead of stealing their belongings and trying to get out as quickly as possible, he stood in front of their bed and watched them sleep. Weird!

Jack Mackercher and his girlfriend, Jordan Buranskas, had no idea that the man had even been around until they realized that Buranskas’ purse was gone.

The couple retraced their steps by scrolling through the video, to try to figure out where she may have left her purse. And then they got to 3:30am of the day in question… What they saw terrified them. An intruder had entered the home through an unlocked door and for several minutes, simply hovered over the couple, who had fallen asleep on the couch. The robber moved so slowly and quietly, that the dogs the couple own didn’t move a muscle.

“He stood there for about 5 minutes the first time, then walked away. Then he came back and hovered over us again for another 5 minutes,” Buranskas said.

He has now been nicknamed the “Creeper Ghost” and is believed to be behind other neighborhood burglaries that have taken place. But nobody else has had the experience of having him stand over them while they sleep. At least not that they know of.

He has yet to be caught, but many have posted images on social media. He has been seen riding through alleys in the neighborhood on bikes, trying to break into homes.

Hopefully, between the stepped-up police patrols and many new neighborhood cameras that have been put into place, the “Creeper Ghost” will be apprehended soon!

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Original article: Surveillance Video Shows Intruder Watching Bucktown Couple Sleep

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