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Thursday, August 30, 2012

runY’All Come Back Now Ya Hear! This must have been the last thing that was said to a Toms River, New Jersey man earlier this week when he was released from the Toms River Jail.  Why do we think this?  Because it was only about 5 hours later when he was arrested again in a nearby parking lot trying to steal a car.  It seems like there have been a lot of stories lately about people being rearrested within hours of being released from jail.  It makes you think that either the "rehabilitation" component of jail is failing or maybe jails are just doing a good job marketing their frequent guest programs. 

According to authorities, a 22 year old man who was just released from jail was seen entering a car in a parking lot near the jail.  Police responded and identified the suspect hiding near a vehicle in the parking lot of a Red Lobster.  Once the suspect saw the police, he removed his shirt (not sure why this is important other than for aerodynamics when running) and took off on foot into the forest.  The man was finally apprehended and booked on two counts of burglary, resisting arrest and being held on a $75,000 bail bond.

Original article - Police: Man Released from Jail, Jailed Again After Foot Chase, Car Burglaries