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By Reading This Story, You Might be Breaking the Law

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Facebook jail timeMaybe you are at home messing around on Facebook and you found this story. Or maybe you are sitting at a Starbucks during a coffee break and reading this on your smart phone.  Or if you are like most people, maybe you are at work sneaking a quick look at your Facebook account to see what your pals are up to.  Well if you are doing the latter, then you might be breaking the law and could be thrown in jail.  According to the interpretation of federal law (The Computer Fraud and Abuse act) by the Justice department, people can go to jail for violating a website's terms of service or their companies policies against personal use of a workplace computer.  So what that really means is that just about everyone with a job that has a computer is pretty much breaking the law and could be thrown in jail.  You think the jails are overcrowded now...just wait and see. 

So next time you sneak a peek at YouTube or send your friend a funny joke or e-card, make sure to look over your shoulder...or the next time you will be on a computer will be to find yourself a bail bondsman to get you out of jail.  Check out the story here.

Original Story:  Jacob Sullum on the Federal Law You're Breaking Right Now