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Breaking Up Is Hard…But Is It Worth a Bomb Threat

Saturday, June 9, 2012

planeBreaking up is hard, especially when it is online.  Have you ever had someone de-friend you on Facebook?  One day you are receiving cat video posts from them on your news feed and the next day there gone.  You don’t know why…and you are left to wonder what it was that caused them to shut you off and de-friend you.   Most of us after a couple days would be able to move on and enjoy the friends that still like us….other’s might just fly off the handle and call in a bomb threat to an airline.  Nope that wasn’t a joke, it really happened.  A British man decided to call the US authorities and tell them that this woman had a bomb on a US airline.  Now of course, this isn’t something that someone could do stone cold sober, so this man was able to summon up the courage after 4 liters of cider.  He was eventually arrested and given 16 weeks in jail where he probably won’t be able to use Facebook.  Either way, if you are this man’s friend, you might not want to de-friend him while he is serving his sentence, you never know how he will react. Original article below.

Original article: Man jailed for plane bomb hoax against online girlfriend