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Blinding them With Science…A Star Student Goes to Jail

Thursday, May 2, 2013

mad science and jailAt what point do we reward scientific curiosity and achievement and at what point do we punish it for crossing the line.  In Bartow, Florida a local high school erred on the punishment when a star science student decided to try a little experiment on the side.  This young girl, who was described as a “good kid” and “having an exemplary record,” went out to the school yard away from everyone else (buildings and students) and tried an experiment where she mixed toilet bowl cleaner  with aluminum foil.  According to the student, she just thought the mixture would generate a little smoke.  Boy was she surprised when the mixture actually exploded.  According to authorities at the school, the student immediately reported what happened and told the truth.  The school district decided to reward her honesty about the mistake and call the police.  The police came and arrested the 16 year old science student.  We aren’t sure if she needed a bail bond to get out, but we do know that she was expelled from the school. 

According to a spokesperson from the school district, the incident was referred to as a bad decision and a “serious breach of conduct.”  The school maintains that the actions were taken to protect the safety and security of the students and staff.  Really?  It seems to us like the young girl made an honest mistake.  She was careful by conducting the experiment away from other students, she immediately reported herself to the school and told the truth, and she has never been in trouble before.  It seems unfortunate that the school is so overly PC that they can’t see the difference between a student who is really a threat and one that just made a mistake.  What do you think?  Read the original story below.

Original article: Science Project Lands Star Student in Jail

Written by: Eric Granof