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Big Bust at the World Cup…Not Even the Bad Guys Can Avoid the Excitement

Thursday, June 19, 2014

big bust at world cupHave you been watching the World Cup?  If you have, you have seen some pretty great football matches (that is soccer to us Americans).  The World Cup is such a big event that it brings fans in from all over the world, each rooting for their home country.  So you are probably asking yourself what the World Cup has to do with the bail bond industry and why we are writing about it in today’s bail bond blog post.  Well, normally, we probably wouldn’t write about it, but after reading this story yesterday on Yahoo Sports, the World Cup got a little criminal justice mixed up into it and suddenly it became a relevant story for our blog.

drug lord bustedAs we said earlier, the World Cup brings people out from all over the world.  They are drawn to the excitement and pageantry of the event.  Sometimes, that excitement can even draw out someone who normally would rather just keep to themselves and stay out of the public eye.  Well yesterday it did.  One of the most sought after Mexican Drug Lords was caught by authorities after he purchased a ticket under his real name to one of the World Cup matches.  What are the odds of that…probably pretty close to the odds of Mexico holding Brazil to no goals (BTW, just in case you aren’t paying attention to the World Cup, Mexico just held Brazil to no goals a couple days ago).  Anyway, the Drug Lord is now in custody and will be awaiting trial in the United States for exporting methamphetamine to the US.  BTW, according to reports the Drug Lord was arrested before he got a chance to watch the Mexico-Brazil match….bummer for him.  Read the original story below.

Original story: World Cup ticket purchase leads to arrest of Mexican drug lord

Written by: Eric Granof

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