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Bank Robbery Suspect Interrupts Live TV

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

bank robbery interrupts live tvNow, this is what we call breaking news! This Minnesota local news reporter got more than he bargained for when he was in the middle of a recent live noon broadcast.

He was reporting on a recent bank robbery, when the subject ran right past him! Minnesota news, KIMT reporter, Adam Sallet, was in the middle of his live broadcast when a man ran out of the bank behind him. Sallet, unable to see what was happening, continued his report, as usual. That’s when a bank employee also ran past and said that the robber was right there. Sallet, flustered, but remembering he was still on live TV told viewers he had to immediately end the report to call 911.

Talk about intriguing live TV! Strangely enough, he was reporting on the robbery which had actually taken place the previous day. And like most dumb criminals do, the suspect returned to the scene of his crime, which just happened to be during Sallet’s broadcast!

Talk about producing a memorable moment in live television history for those local Minnesota viewers. Luckily, the suspect was later arrested and is finally going to pay for his crimes.

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