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Bail & Jail: Androscoggin County, Maine

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bail & Jail: Androscoggin County, Maine

Androscoggin County Jail
40 Pleasant St.
Auburn ME 04210
(207) 784-3053
Sheriff: Guy P Desjardins

How do I find information about an inmate? The Department of Corrections receives prisoners after they have been tried, convicted, and sentenced to a term of more than nine (9) months. If they are incarcerated prior to conviction, or sentenced to fewer than nine (9) months, they would be in a county jail. We do not have access to those records. You must contact the county jail directly. For public information about offenders who have already been sentenced to more than nine (9) months, you can send an email to In your email please provide the following information:
        * Full name of inmate
        * Date of birth
        * DOC number (if you have it)
        * Your full name
        * Your address
        * A brief statement explaining what information you want and the purpose.
A surprising number of people have the same name. Please include as much identifying information as you can.

Where are all the facilities located?You can find the location information of each facility by going to the facilities page.

I am a family member of an inmate, how do I find out how he/she is doing?
The inmate controls the release of information to family and friends. If the inmate does not inform you of how he/she is doing you may contact the inmate's case manager by calling the facility where he/she is located.

How do I find information about obtaining a bail bond or finding out how to locate a bail bondsmen?
To speak with a trustworthy and professional bail bondsman in Androscoggin County, Maine, call 800.938.2245 or visit Androscoggin County page on ExpertBail Agents are professional bail bond agents who do their job better than the rest. They are committed to provide quality support to those in need and won't stop until their job is done and it is done right.