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Bail Bonds, Rock Stars and Fake Kidnappings: It’s No Joke

Monday, December 17, 2012

cover bandPlaying a practical joke on your friends can be a pretty funny thing….if pulled off in a way that no one gets hurt.  However, sometimes practical jokes can go too far and in some cases even break the law.  Just ask the lead singer of a “Rage Against the Machine” cover band (yep there really is a cover band for Rage Against the Machine).

This past weekend, after finishing a show in Irvine, California, the lead singer of the cover band sent a text to fellow band members stating that he had been kidnapped and that they should call the police.  After trying to contact him on his cell phone and getting no response, his band mates called the police.  Unfortunately for the singer, he was actually not kidnapped, but rather at a bar drinking.  The police finally found him around 4:30 AM and arrested him when he said that he sent the text as a joke. 

The judge admonished the man for wasting law enforcement’s time and ultimately released him from jail on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond, which means he didn’t have to get a bail bond through a bail bondsman, but rather was released on his word that he would show up for court or pay the court $10,000.  We aren’t sure if this qualifies as one of the stupidest practical jokes ever, but it definitely is up towards the top of the list.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Kidnapping joke lands singer in jail