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Bail Bonds & Jail Info: City of Sunrise, FL

Monday, February 28, 2011

GENERAL INFORMATION: When you were booked into the custody of the Broward County Jail, an arrest number (CIS #) was assigned to you. This number will identify you for as long as you are in jail. It is your responsibility to memorize your arrest number. It will help us and you identify and locate your personal property and any issues that are of importance to you. You will remain in one of our facilities until you post a bond, your case is disposed of by a judge, or your sentence is completed. Legal questions about your case are best answered by your attorney or public defender. Misdemeanor and traffic cases are heard in County Court, felony cases are heard in Circuit Court, and if you are here on a civil hold, the case will be heard by a Civil Court judge. If you are sentenced to serve one year or less, you will serve your sentence in one of the Broward County Jail facilities. If your sentence is more than one year, you will be transferred to the State Department of Corrections, providing that all outstanding charges have been resolved.

POSTING A BAIL BOND and MONEY: If you had money in your possession when you were booked, a money account was opened for your use. You will receive a receipt for the funds deposited into this account. You will be allowed to use the money in this account to bond yourself out of jail. If you need to give your money to someone outside the jail, you must complete a voucher form. Ask your housing deputy for a voucher. If you need assistance in completing it, they will help you. You cannot voucher money to someone who is incarcerated in a Broward County Jail. Any exceptions to this must be made by written request to the facility commander(s) and have their approval(s).

• Bonding Agent: You may contact a bonding agency to post a bond for you. For a complete list of trusted and professional bail bond agents in City of Sunrise, Florida, call 800.938.2245 or visit

• Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) services are also available in the release / booking area at the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Main Jail - 555 SE 1st Avenue, for immediate bonding purposes only, for a fee of $3.00, per transaction. A charge in addition to this fee may be assessed by your financial institution.
• Western Union Services are also available – see details under section titled “Western Union Quick Collect Service.”

1. The visiting schedule is posted on the bulletin board in your housing area / unit, telling you the day and times you may have visitors.
2. You will be given an opportunity for two (2) hours of visitation per week. You may only see up to (2) two visitors at a time.
3. Minors are only permitted to visit when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, unless the facility commander or designee authorizes, in advance of the visit, the minor to be accompanied by some other adult.

RULES FOR VISITORS: Please notify your visitors of the following rules:
• Visitors must have proper / current photo identification. (NO IDENTIFICATION - NO VISIT)
• Visitors must be on time.
• Visitors must abide by the dress code. (Read below, “Visitor’s Dress Code”)
• Visitors may be subjected to a pat-down / frisk search and / or electronic search for the detection of contraband. Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.
• Visitors cannot be on parole, probation, or work release without the prior written permission of the facility commander.
• Visitors are not permitted to visit more than one inmate on any given day. An exception may be granted if the visitor is an immediate family member of more than one inmate confined in the facility. Other exceptions will be at the discretion of the facility commander.
• Obscene actions or gestures will terminate the visit. If you are asked to leave please do so immediately.
• Visitors are NOT permitted to pass / give any items to an inmate. (Violators are subject to arrest.)
Please notify your visitors that transportation is available by county buses, downtown trollies, or taxi cabs. They should contact the bus stations for route information. This information will be made available in all DOD facility lobbies.

VISITOR'S DRESS CODE: If your visitor refuses to comply with the dress code, your visit may be denied or terminated.

The following dress code will be enforced at all times.
a. Shirts and shoes must be worn.
b. Visitors wearing clothing marked by words or pictures that are profane or offensive will not be allowed.
c. Halter tops, swim suits, tank tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, sheer, see-through or provocative clothing, any clothing that exposes the midriff, short shorts, mini dresses, and mini skirts that appear too short are prohibited.
Intake & Release Process
Individuals who have been placed under arrest are first transported to Broward Sheriff's Office Central Intake Unit, which is located at the Main Jail in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Upon arrival, they must complete the following steps:
•    Property Intake
•    Medical Screening
•    Fingerprinting
•    Photographing
•    Warrants Check

While the staff at Central Intake is dedicated to ensuring the prompt processing and release of eligible arrestees, the amount of time required to complete this process may be affected by the volume of arrestees being processed simultaneously and/or the availability of information from state and national databases.

Appearance in Magistrate Court
Arrestees who are not bonded out of jail appear before a magistrate judge the day following the arrest (including Saturdays and Sundays). Proceedings usually begin at 8 a.m., however this depends upon the presiding judge. The judge will inform the arrestee of the charge(s) and, if appropriate, will set a bond amount.
In misdemeanor cases, the judge may accept a guilty plea and release the arrestee on his or her own recognizance or for time-served.

Magistrate proceedings may be viewed on the monitor located in the lobby of BSO's Main Jail.

Housing Assignments
Individuals who are not released on bond are assigned to one of five BSO jails based upon objective criteria. This criteria ensures that inmates are housed in the least restrictive and safest unit possible based upon level of security required. Housing assignments are not made based on proximity to an inmate's home, but rather on the premise of assigning an inmate to the jail facility that can best meet his or her needs.

Inmate Activities, Services & Programs
Inmates are permitted to watch television and are provided with reading material to occupy free time. Weather permitting, inmates may also take part in outside recreation and use exercise equipment.

BSO's Department of Detention & Community Control provides a variety of programs and services to inmates, including:
•    Adult Basic Education
•    AIDS Awareness Training
•    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
•    Anger Management Program
•    Cocaine Anonymous
•    Commissary
•    GED Preparation & Testing
•    Group Therapy
•    Juvenile Programs
•    Library Services
•    Medical Services
•    Mental Health Counseling
•    Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
•    Parenting Skills
•    Pre-Release Planning
•    Prevention & Intervention Program Against Drugs & Alcohol
•    Relapse Prevention Program
•    Religious Services & Counseling
•    Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Training
•    Substance Abuse Treatment
•    Veterans Group
•    Work Release Programs

Additional information about these programs is available from detention deputies within the facility.