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Bail Bonds, Handcuffs and a Taco Bell

Thursday, January 10, 2013

love cuffsHave you ever been head over heels in love with someone?  You know the feeling, where you would do just about anything for them?  Nothing feels better than to care about someone so strongly…especially when that person you love reciprocates those feelings back to you.  Unfortunately for a man in Georgia, the woman that he had these feelings for and thought he was in love with didn’t feel the same.  As far as she was concerned, he was just another guy or the most another customer in the line at the local Taco Bell in Ringgold, Georgia.

So what is a torn lover (or seriously messed up stalker in this case) to do in such a heart wrenching situation as this.  Well, we know for sure what they shouldn’t do….and that is handcuff themself to the person in the parking lot of a Taco Bell.  Unfortunately, that is what this man did and now he is paying a pretty extreme price for his off the cuff or shall we say "on the cuff" actions.  Last August, the man was arrested and charged with false imprisonment, and just yesterday was sentenced to 4 years in prison.  So the next time you fall in love make sure to keep your courting techniques within the boundaries of the law and keep the cuffs at home.

Original article: Georgia Man Gets Four Years in Jail for Handcuffing Himself to Taco Bell Employee Who Wouldn't Date Him