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Bail Bonds, Fist Fights and a Big Sandwich

Monday, April 22, 2013

sandwichHave you been into a Subway sandwich shop recently?  In case you haven’t, not much has changed.  They still make decent sandwiches, and offer a wide range of different fixings and toppings.  The prices of course have gone up over time and a classic turkey foot-long, will no longer cost you a couple bucks, but rather more like $6-7$.  It is this dramatic increase in the price of the sandwiches that probably set off one man in Waco, Texas.

This past weekend, a man walked into a Waco Subway shop and ordered a Subway meal deal.  When asked to pay, the man decided that he was only going to pay what he wanted to pay (which was by the less than the actual price).  He then decided to walk out of the Subway and find a good place to eat his half paid for sandwich.  The employee on the other hand was going to have none of that on his watch.  He pursued the man and proceeded to get in to a fight with the sandwich suspect…unfortunately losing in the process.  The foot-long felon was eventually found in a parking lot a few blocks away and was arrested and being held on a $30,000 bail bond in the McLennan County Jail.  Read the original story below.

Original article:  Man Arrested After Refusing To Pay For Sandwich, Attacking Employee

Written by: Eric Granof