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Bail Bonds, European Vacations and a Big Ole Party

Thursday, February 7, 2013

last nightIf you had one more night of freedom what would you do?  Would you spend time with your loved ones at home?  Would you high-tail it out of the country to beautiful, warm, sunny Canada?  Or maybe you would do what one New York business man did this past week…throw an extravagant going away party for yourself at a hot Manhattan night club.  If you did throw that party, what would you tell people is the reason you are going away?  And where are you going?

Well, the New York man, decided to hide the fact that he had been arrested for hitting a bike rider with his car while under the influence of alcohol.  He hid the fact that he actually fled the scene of the accident.  He hid the fact that he was eventually caught and had to use a bail bond agent to get out of jail.  And lastly, he hid the fact that the reason he was going away was because he was going to prison.  Instead of telling people the truth, he told them that he was jetting off to Europe for a year long vacation.  All we can say to this man is good luck…and by the way, there might be aspects of prison that might remind him of Europe (small rooms, uncomfortable beds, no privacy and romance – and we aren’t talking the good kind), but it is definitely no vacation.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Manhattan Attorney Allegedly Threw Himself A Lavish Going-Away Party Before Heading Off To Prison