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Bail Bonds, Charlie Brown and Great Pair of Pumpkins

Friday, April 12, 2013

angry chuckMaybe it was all of those times when Lucy pulled the football away before he could kick it?  Or maybe it was those 5 cent therapy sessions that Lucy gave him.  Whatever the cause, our good old friend Charlie Brown has gone nuts…and we are not just talking peanuts.  According to a recent article, Charlie Brown, or we should say the guy that does his voice, might have gone a little too far to correct what he thinks was a terrible wrong.  Let us explain.  A few months back the loveable cartoon character (remember, just to be clear,  we are talking about the voice actor not the actual cartoon character…but for purposes of this blog, we will just refer to him as Charlie Brown)…anyway, Charlie Brown  paid for his girlfriend’s breast enhancement surgery.   Unfortunately, the enhancement surgery or at least the results of the surgery didn’t meet the “big” expectations of Charlie Brown…and now he is seeking revenge.

The problem for Charlie Brown, of course other than being a fictional 4 year old cartoon character with a really cool dog, is that making threats of revenge (that do by the way include the “kill” word)  is not only unwise, but also illegal.  Oh yeah, he might of tried to choke his girlfriend too as he demanded she get a refund.  To be honest, we aren’t not sure how you could return this type of merchandise for a refund in a situation like this, but then again, we aren’t a cartoon character with a curiously round, bald head.

Anyway, Charlie Brown was eventually arrested and is potentially looking at up to 3 years in jail.  We are not sure if a bail bond was set for the man.  When asked to comment on the situation, loveable Linus was the only one who would talk.  According to Linus, he was a little shocked by the situation.  During his time with Charlie Brown on the show, he had never known him to be unhappy with any set of boobs.  Unfortunately, Snoopy was unavailable for comment.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Charlie Brown Voice Actor Could Spend 3 Years In Jail For Threat Over Boob Job

Written by: Eric Granof