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Bail Bonds, Bikini Briefs and Mistrials

Thursday, September 13, 2012

leopard briefsJust for the record, we are not lawyers.  Nor do we have the desire to ever become lawyers.   Whether it is the actual effort required to become one (3 years of law school after completing your undergraduate degree and 100 hour weeks), or just the distaste most people have for them, it has never been something on our shortlist of life dreams.  But after reading this next story, it really makes you think about the question, how smart does one have to be to become a lawyer?  You be the judge.

A lawyer in South Florida was fired yesterday.  Was she fired for doing something illegal?  Not really.  Was she fired for doing something unethical? Probably.  Was she fired for doing something stupid?  ABSOLUTELY.  This lawyer decided to take picture of her client’s leopard print underwear and post it on her Facebook page.  The defendant’s trial clothes were brought into the jail and were being inspected by corrections officers, when the lawyer decided to snap the quick photo of the interesting undies.  The result... the judge declares a mistrial (by the way, it was a murder case…so flush go some more tax dollars down the drain) and the so called “lawyer” gets a first class ticket to the unemployment office.

Apparently, this lawyer must have missed the first day of law school when they told students that the first rule of being a lawyer is never photograph and post a picture of your client’s underwear online.  Ugggh…do we need to say anymore?  Read the original story below.

Original article: Facebook Photo Leads to Mistrial in Miami Murder Case