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Bail Bonds, Benjamins and Busts

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

grabbing bustWhen you hear the word “bust” what types of images come to your mind?  What about a bust worth $3 Million?  We hate to pour a bucket of cold water on your imagination, but we are not talking about what you probably think we are.  When we say “bust” we are not talking about female anatomy, but rather we are talking about a sculpture of a person’s head.  That being said, the big bust that we are talking about isn’t big in size but rather in price…$3 Million to be precise.  And between you and us, it probably isn’t something that you would want to steal.

Unfortunately for a cleaning lady in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, she didn’t realize that the bust she was grabbing (seems like a better word than stealing in this situation) was very, very old.  In fact, it was a bust of Benjamin Franklin that was created back during his lifetime (that would be the 1700s for those who are not big history fans).   The bust was valued at $3 Million making the bust grab a pretty significant crime…a crime that ended up landing the woman in jail for 6 years.  We aren’t sure if she was release prior to trial on a bail bond, but we do know that she probably won’t be grabbing anyone else’s bust anytime soon.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Bryn Mawr Cleaning Lady Gets 6 Years in Jail for Stealing Ben Franklin Bust