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Bail Bonds, Bank Tellers and Someone Else’s Cash

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

bank errorThis is one of those “What would you do Blogs.”  Imagine you are going to the bank and you are cashing a check.  You are just minding your own business and going through the motions, when the bank teller hands you $1000.  Why is this so shocking?  Well, the check you were cashing was only for $100. So here is the question…what do you do?  Do you take the cash and hope that no one figures it out?  Or do you fess-up and let the teller know that she made a mistake?

A man in Kittery, Maine, recently faced this conundrum and unfortunately for him, chose the wrong response.  He decided to spend the money.  The bank did notice the mistake pretty quickly and contacted the man, but he had already spent the money.  He did offer to pay the bank back in installments, but the bank wanted payment made immediately and in full.

The man was arrested and we aren’t sure what his bail bond was set at.  He ultimately received a one year suspended sentence.  The teller did not lose her job.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Suspended jail time for bank customer given extra cash by teller