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Bail Bonds and Bullying: Serving Up Some Humble Pie

Monday, November 25, 2013

bully signThe problem of bullying has become more prevalent in the media over the past few years.  It is a problem that has been around a long time, but one that has evolved with technology and has grown in size and impact as a result.  While bullying has become a big problem, one parent is coming up with a big solution.  That is the topic of today’s bail bond blog post. 

This past week, a story showed up on the internet out of New Castle, Pennsylvania.  The story had to do with the all too popular topic of bullying.  But this story was a little different.  Instead of it being about the victim who was bullied, it was about the bully being taught a lesson.  And this was a lesson that only a parent could deliver.  A young sixth grade boy was suspended from school for bullying some younger students.  As a punishment for bullying, the parents make the young man create and then carry around a sign that read, “My Name is Gage, and I am A BULLY.”  The sign apparently worked its magic and young Gage is pretty sure that he won’t ever bully another kid again.  While many felt that justice was done, some people who saw the young boy standing around town with the sign felt that the punishment was bordering on child abuse.  The parents of the young boy, disagreed.  The mother felt that bullying is a horrible thing and often ends in the victim taking their own life.  She states, “If more parent would get involved, together we can instill morals and respect into the generation created and prevent more situations from occurring.

Was the punishment too hard? What do you think?  Read the original article below.

Original article: Bully Forced To Wear Cardboard Sign Around His Neck As Punishment From Parents

Posted by: Eric Granof

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