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Bail Bonds and Brainiacs: Cell Phone Bandit Leads Police to Himself

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

cell locatedCell phone technology is great.  Being able to make and receive calls from anywhere at any time is just plain awesome.  However, with awesomeness always comes a little negative.  And one of the biggest negatives of cell phones and technology today is the ability for people to track your every move.  From unknowing check-ins on Foursquare or simple Facebook posts divulging your whereabouts, your friends and sometimes not friends can know where you are 24/7.   Now as the author of a bail bond blog, I don’t really see that that as a really big deal because most of the time, if you were to track my iPhone it would just tell you that I am sitting here at my desk.  That being said, there are some careers that do not lend themselves very well to constant tracking.  One of these careers for example would be a thief…especially a thief that specializes in…you guessed it…stealing other people’s cell phones.

This past week in Seattle, Washington a woman had her cell phone and some camera equipment stolen from her house as she slept.  Now initially one could easily think that this is just one of those crimes where there is no way that you are ever going to recover your stuff….this is of course…if the thief has any idea how a cell phone works.  In this particular case, the thief apparently didn’t understand that the item that he had just stolen was basically a tracking device that lets anyone, especially the police, track your location.  Additionally, the thief apparently didn’t understand that all he had to do in order to prevent this would be to turn off the locations services on the phone or just turn it off all together.   Well as you can imagine, it didn’t take the police long to track the phone and apprehend the thief…iPhone 1, thief 0.  Read the original story below.

Original story: Police: Bush-league cellphone thief leads officers right to himself

Written by: Eric Granof

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