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Bail Bonds and Borderline Personalities: Does Jody Know Best?

Friday, May 10, 2013

doesnt get itWe typically try and keep our blog posts focused on funny bail bond or jail related stories, but after all the coverage and hype associated with the Jody Arias murder trial in Arizona, we couldn’t help ourselves but to post one blog on this ridiculous circus-like trial of a very troubled individual that just doesn’t get it.  

Now just imagine that you have spent the last four years of your life in jail for a murder that you at first said you didn’t know who committed, and then said that you did know who committed, and then finally fessed up said that you committed (in self-defense of course).  At this point, wouldn’t you maybe start to “get it” and understand the gravity of your situation.  Fast forward a bit.  Now imagine that you just went through a grueling 4 month trial where every little personal thing about you was shared with the whole world to hear and see;  A trial, by the way, in which all the evidence showed that you were pretty much lying about everything. At this point, would you maybe get it?   Finally, imagine hearing the guilty verdict….and the dreaded (if you are the defendant) “premeditated” designation.  Okay…now what…what do you do?  What is your response?  Are you scared? Are you sad? Shocked? Are you remorseful?  Do you want to sneak away and be alone? Or…do you feel like getting on national television and doing an interview?  Well if you haven’t been locked up in a cave recently, you know from all the media coverage that now convicted murdered Jody Arias decided to do the television interview (shocking, huh?).  Despite the likely advice from her legal team not to do the interview, Ms. Arias continued her “Jody knows best” attitude and showed the world that she just doesn’t get it. 

We will now all watch the sentencing phase of the trial and hope somewhere along the way that Ms. Arias will finally see that she can no longer manipulate and lie to people to get what she wants.  She just doesn’t get it.  Every person around her, especially the jury as they proved earlier this week, seems to get it.  Her lawyers seem to get it…her family seems to get it…in fact, they seem to get it very early on during the police interviews when they both spilled their guts about Jody to the police.  Maybe it will finally take a death penalty decision or a life in jail decision for Ms. Arias to realize what she has done…and finally get it…but we aren’t holding our breath and advise you all not to either.

Written by: Eric Granof