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Bail Bonds and Bird Brains: Former Jail Bird Back in Jail for Stealing…a Bird!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bail bond bird brainsWhen inmates are released and placed on probation there is an expectation that they will stay clean and stay out of trouble.  At the end of the day, they have served their time and learned their lesson, right?  Well, as we all know, serving time is the easy part…but learning a lesson, that is the part where most people don’t get it.  Just ask a New York man who had recently been freed from his own cage where he previously was being held for robbery.  Unfortunately, the former jail bird took the concept of freedom a little too far and decided that he was going to share his new sense of freedom with others who spend their days in a cage.  His first customer, a parrot named Cuca.  The man grabbed the bird while in its cage from a 67 year old woman in the Bronx and then ran away, or flew the coop as the story points out.

He was eventually apprehended by police a few days later.  The bird however was not located.  According to the man, he had already sold the parrot.  Police are pulling out all the stops to find the stolen parrot.  They spent Monday morning going from ship to ship interviewing all local pirates and swashbucklers (just kidding).  No seriously, if you see or hear a parrot contact local authorities with any information.  Read the original story below.

Original story: Robber on parole is back in a cage ... after stealing a caged parrot

Written by:  Eric Granof