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Art, Pornography, or Just a Naked Girl in Front of a Catholic School?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

indecent exposureNude modeling is nothing new to the world.  In fact, even as far back as all the art history books go, it is very hard to find artistic portrayals of naked people.  You can easily make the case that one of the most popular subjects for most artists throughout the centuries has been the naked human form (along with a bowl of fruit on a table...just saying).  And it isn’t that hard to walk around any European city and find plenty of nude art.  All you have to do is just visit a church in Itlay and you can see countless works of art all celebrating the naked human form.

Now cross the pond over to the US.  While we have plenty of naked people of our own, the only difference between us and Europe is that we are a little more secretive and shy about it.  This brings us to the topic of our latest bail bond blog post.  A woman in Lincoln, Nebraska did a little nude modeling earlier this year.  Everything was on the up and up about the modeling gig, except maybe for the location.  The photo shoot took place in front of a local Catholic High School.  In our opinion, maybe not the wisest choice of locations, but then again, who are we to stop someone from being naked.  Unfortunately for the model, the local authorities didn’t share our opinion on art.  The woman was arrested for public indecency, convicted and sentenced to 45 days in the local jail.  Wow what a punishment.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Lincoln woman jailed for indecent exposure

Posted by: Eric Granof

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