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A Spit For Spat in Ohio

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

People get arrested for the stupidest things sometimes.  This week in Bellaire, Ohio, a couple was sitting at a plaza drinking alcohol.  After a little too much to drink, they decided it would be fun to spit on people walking by...sounds like a good time, huh? 

Local law enforcement didn’t think it was so funny and arrested the drunken woman who had been reported to have spit on a woman and her child.  While police were attempting to arrest the 19 year old woman, her companion tried to interfere and grab the arresting officer.  After some scratching and pulling, both were subdued and brought to Belmont County Jail.  We aren’t yet sure of the amount of their bail bond.

Original story:    2 People in Jail Over Spitting Incident