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President Obama Honors Bail Bond Agent

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bail Bondsman HonoredAs part of Black History Month, President Obama invited six unsung American Heroes to the White House for a very special ceremony.  All of these individuals were people who rose to the occasion and challenged the racial barriers put in front of them.  Each of them had an impact on their communities and made them better...and they did it "one person at a time."  Among the six individuals who the president identified as "unsung heroes and individuals who strengthen their communities through extraordinary everyday acts of service done with reliability and commitment, but who seldom receive recognition," was James "Alley Pat" Patrick.  The most unique thing about Mr. Patrick is not that he is a decorated World War II Veteran and a member of the amazing Tuskagee Airmen, or that he is a radio and television broadcaster, but rather that he is a bail bondsman.  In fact, he is a very important bail bondsman that came to the aid of many jailed activists during the Civil Rights movement, including Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

The entire team at ExpertBail takes its hat off to Mr. Patrick as well as all of the honorees from yesterday's ceremony.

Written by: Eric Granof

Original Article: Obama and White House Honors Unsung Heroes, Lee Bailey's