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Defense Attorneys Show Support for the Commercial Bail Bond Industry

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DUI Lawyer Stats Support BailThis past weekend the ExpertBail Team along with one of its agents, Tonya Rynerson of 888-Bail-Bond, attended the California DUI Lawyers’ Association Meeting in Newport Beach, California.   The meeting was well attended by close to 100 attorneys.  The ExpertBail Team spent most of the conference talking with attorneys from all over California answering questions and educating them on the benefits and effectiveness of commercial bail.  Every defense attorney who spoke with the team also took a short survey to gauge their knowledge and overall impressions of the bail bond industry.  The results were extremely positive to say the least.  Below is an overview of the results.

How important is the role of commercial bail in the criminal justice system

  • 96% of respondents answered “VERY IMPORTANT"

When the court releases a defendant pretrial, what is the most effective way to ensure that defendant’s appearance in court:

  • 77% of respondents replied “release through a financially secured commercial bail bond.”
  • 15% of respondents replied “OR release”
  • 8% of respondents replied “release through a pretrial services program.”

When you think of a Bail Bondsman, which of the following words come to mind?

  • 65% replied with PROFESSIONAL
  • 58% replied with EFFECTIVE
  • 46% replied with HELPFUL
  • 23% replied with CARING
  • 15% replied with INTIMIDATING

DUI Conference SurveyOnce again, another key stakeholder in the criminal justice system shows their understanding of and support for the commercial bail industry.  The ExpertBail team had a great time meeting and interacting with all the attendees and looks forward to supporting and participating with the California DUI Lawyers’ Association and further events in the future.

Written by Eric Granof

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