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Bail Bond Agents Doing What They Do…Good

Friday, January 4, 2013

regan bailWhen most people hear the word bail bond agent, they immediately think of the worst.  They think of unscrupulous characters with bullet proof vests, tattoos and gold chains, running through the street.  Unfortunately for the bail bond industry, this image that has been created by Hollywood and the media to sell tickets and create drama is not only false, but downright insulting.  The majority of bail agents are not thugs and criminals, but rather hard working, law abiding people like the rest of us that go to work each day to do the best job they can and provide for their families.  In fact, most bail agents are more active in their communities than most other people.  Why?  Because most bail agents not only grew up in those communities, but still live there with their children. 

Just ask Washington State bail bondsmen Lew Ervin and David Regan, who recently made the news for doing something most would consider extraordinary…they took a defendant to church on the way to jail.  While seemingly contradictory to the stereotype, these two bail bondsman were doing what they always do…being good people and trying to help someone get back on their feet.  Check out the recent story written about these two bondsmen and fugitive they recently apprehended.  It won’t only change your misperceptions of the industry, but hopefully give you new respect for those that call it their profession.  Our hats go off to both Lew and David for being such good people and representing the bail bond industry in the right way.  Read the story below.

Original article: On way to jail, fugitive goes to church in handcuffs