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Contra Costa Bail Bonds is Northern California's leading bail bond agency

With our professional staff of experienced agents, your needs are well taken care of.  We are committed to providing all of our clients with a simple, straightforward process and a caring and understanding environment.  We know that getting a bail bond is never something people want to do, so we make it simple and easy.

Attorneys also choose Contra Costa Bail Bonds for exceptional experience and professionalism in serving bail bonds throughout California. 

  • Unmatched pricing
  • Instant bail service, entirely by phone
  • Speak with a bail agent, not a call center
  • Experts in PC 1275 holds


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Meet the Contra Costa Bail Bonds Family


Experience That Matters - Our Team


Craig Stephenson, owner of Contra Costa Bail Bonds in Martinez, Metro One Bail Bonds in Sacramento and Dad's Bail Bonds in San Francisco, is well known to and highly respected by courts, jails, attorneys and judges in the Martinez, Sacramento and San Francisco areas. As a leading bondsman, he has been a licensed California bail bondsman since 1986 when he launched his first bail bonds business in Sacramento, California. Raised in Sacrament, and a featured fugitive recovery agent on 'America's Most Wanted', Craig has an approach to and understanding of the arrest process that sets Metro One Bail Bonds apart from other California bail bond services. The most striking difference is personal service and genuine care that Craig and our team of bondsmen provide. As a bail bonds agent Craig stays by the client and family from arrest to release and Court dates that follow – all at the same low price as other bail bonds agents and bail bond services that often leave clients to navigate the bail bonds process themselves. Craig's 25-plus-year passion for helping people post bail to get out of jail quickly and properly is a model of thoroughly professional performance in the bail bonds profession. His ability to provide bail bond service anywhere, anytime, and follow-through to resolution is evident to everyone involved with bail bond service in Martinez, Sacramento and San Francisco County. If you need to get out of jail fast with an experienced team of bail bondsmen that can answer all your questions, walk you through the bail process, meet you anywhere or handle bail bonds by phone, and walk with you through the entire process from arrest to Court appearance, Craig and other Contra Costa Bail Bonds agents are here to help.


Gary Stephenson, a 14-year Navy veteran former air traffic controller, became a licensed bail bonds agent in 1995, joining his brother Craig in the bail bonds business. He joined the bonding agency after a distinguished career with the US Navy, manning Naval Air Station towers: NAS Fallon, Nevada; NAS Lemoore, California; aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, home-ported in Alameda, California; and other duty stations around the world, as well as serving in Desert Storm. Gary brings the discipline and dedication of his military training to his career as a bail bondsman. Born and raised in Roseville, California, Gary has been married over 20 years, with three boys, two dogs (a Vizsla and a Lab mix), a warm, friendly family life in Sacramento, and a compassionate approach to helping those who need bail. As an experienced bail bondsman, Gary keenly knows the California courts and jails, the California Criminal Court System, the latest laws in relation to the arena of bail bonds, local police departments and criminal attorneys, and knows how to help people bail out of jail quickly, easily, and without red tape


Why Contra Costa?

  • 24/7 for immediate Bail Bond Service
  • Half down, easy payment plans
  • We are your local Bail Agent in Martinez
  • Instant Bail Service, entirely by phoneYou always speak with a Bail Agent, , not a call center
  • No collateral needed, EVER, no credit check
  • Servicing Martinez, Contra Costa County, Oakland, Alameda County and the entire San Francisco Bay Area including: Concord, Pittsburg, Antioch, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Alamo, Lafayette, Orinda, Danville, San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Hayward, San Leandro, Berkeley, Richmond, San Rafael, Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Redwood City, San Mateo, San Francisco
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For Attorneys

Consider your clients taken care of.

Metro One Bail Bonds walks your clients through the entire court process, reassuring them the situation is under control. We get them out quickly, ensure their appearance in court and issue them reminders for their appearances.

If your client has an arrest or bench warrant, Metro One Bail Bonds can help. We have an excellent working relationship with local law enforcement. We provide the information needed and arrange to post a bond before surrendering so your clients will be out and on their way in as little time as possible. In some cases (misdemeanor or traffic cases) it won't cost them a thing. As a free community service, Metro One will accompany them to the Sheriffs' Department and secure their release with just a signature.

Metro One's pricing is unmatched and can always negotiate reasonable terms.

You make the call, we get them out.

An attorney's job is stressful enough. Call Metro One Bail Bonds knowing that the entire process will be taken care of with alacrity and attention to detail. The paperwork is handled only after your client is swiftly released. No matter the time or day, you will speak to a licensed bail bond agent, not an operator, and receive the personal service and respect you deserve.

Our price is good news for you, too.

Metro One Bail Bonds offers exceptionally competitive pricing, which puts your client in a better position to manage his or her defense. Whatever the situation, we will make it work.

Discover capability you can count on.

Metro One is well connected in all jurisdictions across the state, and we are experts in handling PC 1275 holds. We can come to you wherever you are—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



Bail FAQs

How does Bail work?
The judges of each county set bail amounts for each offense and publish a Bail Schedule. When a person is arrested and booked into the jail a Deputy will utilize the bail bonds schedule to determine the bail amount required for a defendant's release.

What is a Bail Bond?
A bail bond is an Insurance Policy that is posted at the jail for the release of a person from custody. The bond is held by the court and is guaranteed by Contra Costa Bail Bonds and the individual(s) paying for bail (Indemnitor/Co-signer). The Bail Bonds Agency guarantees to the court that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the Judge requires them to until the case is over.

How long before the defendant is released on Bail?
The amount of time the jail takes to process the bail bond varies with the workload at the jail, the size of the jail, and many other factors outside the control of the Contra Costa Bail Bonds. Once the bail bond is posted at the jail, we will contact you to advise the approximate timeline to post bail and for the defendant's release. For security reasons, no jail facility will give an actual time for a person's release on bail.

Is there a refund of bail bonds if the case is dismissed or the defendant is found Not Guilty?
We are not in the business of determining if someone is right or wrong, it is up to the court to make those decisions. Our job  is to post bail, get you out quickly and insure a person's appearance in Court. Once the defendant is released from jail on our bail bond, we have fulfilled our obligation and the full premium of the bail bond amount is earned

Warrant Surrenders and Bail Bonds
If you have an Arrest or Bench Warrant in Martinez, we can help. We have an excellent working relationship with local law enforcement. We can get you the information you need and make arrangements for posting a bail bond before surrendering so that you will be out and on your way in as little time as possible. In some cases (misdemeanor or traffic cases) it won't cost you anything. We actually walk with you to the Sheriffs' Department, arrange for your release with your signature only, without going into custody and at no cost to you. There should be no need for you to purchase a bail bond. This is a free community service offered to the Martinez and Northern California region.

Why are Professional Bail Bondsman Services Important?
A reputable and proven bail bonds company provides an extremely important service to people and to the justice system. Although the explanation of the process we outlined above seemed straight forward – we get the amount of bail, you buy the bail bond from us and we post bail on your behalf – the system is actually quite complex.

Like most things having to do with government, law enforcement and the justice system, the bail bonds arena has many facets that require years to learn and master. Our bail bondsmen have spent a great deal of time on not only the mechanics of providing and posting bail but also on getting to know the specific "territory" in Martinez and Contra Costa County.

In the bail bonds world relationships are extremely important. Officials in the courts and jails must come to trust bail bondsmen. As professionals we are part of the system of justice and leverage relationships built over years of proven performance. There are legal relationships, laws governing the bail bonds industry and chains of command that we must understand and maneuver on behalf of our Martinez bail bonds clients.

When a bail bond company consistently performs beyond expectations for clients, judicial and law enforcement processes are expedited. We know how to post bail quickly for our Martinez clients and get them out of jail. We understand the map of our territory very well and know the right people to contact to make the bail bonds experience as friendly as possible.

Our bondsmen have more than 50 years of experience helping people get out of jail on bail. We have done our time over the decades and delivered faithfully for our clients and the courts. When you, or a loved one, needs to post bail in Northern California and wants the support of seasoned bail bonds professionals please call us anytime of the day or night.



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