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Ann Hill

Making A Difference: Ann Hill - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman - ExpertBail.comAnn Hill has been an active member of her community since she started her bail business in the late 1980’s.  Ann Hill Bail Bonds is located in Sacramento, CA. Working in law enforcement for many years, she always had a high level of affinity and respect towards the many bail agents that she worked with on a daily basis and the vital role they played in the criminal justice system.

Since becoming a bail agent, Ann has donated countless hours and dollars to supporting youth sports programs in her neighborhood through her local Salvation Army.  The sports teams that Ann sponsored travelled around the country playing in various state tournaments.  Ann’s donations go towards, uniforms, transportation and various administrative functions.  Ann’s efforts go beyond just her local community.  During Katrina, she donated money and supported three displaced families for a period of 6 months.

Ann is also a vital member of the Oak Park, Sacramento business community.  In addition to her bail bond business, she is the owner of Broadway Soul Food, which happens to be the oldest and longest tenured restaurant in her neighborhood.

Ann is a true reflection of the ExpertBail brand and we are happy to have her in our network.