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Lorena Cordova owner of Bravo Bail Bonds.

My vast experience in the Bail Bonds business began in 1990, when I worked for a well established bail agent who tought me the ins and outs of the bail business. I became licensed in 1996 and over the next 14 years, I continued to learn the business well beyond what I first anticipated, and have become a well respected member of the bail community.  

In 2009, I opened Bravo Bail Bonds with confidence that experience and knowledge of the business would make it a success.  I have maintained a very productive, professional, and ethical service to my clients, and will continue to do so. Privacy and my knowledge of the jail/court/ bail system have eased my clients through their difficult times. I will strive to treat all clients with the respect and understanding they deserve.

I currently have four agents who are working for Bravo Bail Bonds and who I have personally trained to uphold the same standards I expect from my company. I have the utmost confidence in their abilities to provide excellent service to our clients.  For your convenience we operate 24/7 and will accomodate to all your bail needs. 

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